Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

People who are in the middle of complex situations often wonder if they need a family lawyer. They don’t know the answer to that because they don’t quite know what a family lawyer does. However, it is fairly simple to decide. If you have a problem and you’re wondering if you need a family lawyer, then you probably do. The best way to prevent some kind of problem in the future is to make sure that you are covered by a good attorney. It is much better to have an attorney and realise that you didn’t need one than to realise you needed one once it is too late. So, here are a few things that family lawyers can help you with.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation aren’t quite the same thing. Divorce is a final legal break between married people. It represents the end of a process of dissolving a marriage. Separation, however, is not just two people being apart. It is also part of a legal process that involves a removal of certain kinds of rights. When a couple is legally separated, they have different rights and responsibilities than they might if they were informally separated. Legal separation is useful because it can factor in during divorce proceedings. If you have been separated for a while, you can use the circumstances during your trial separation as evidence before the judge. A good family lawyer will advise you on how to do this properly. Family and divorce lawyers in Brisbane see these kinds of cases all the time, so you should call one to help you with your situation. This situation can also include something like child custody.

Child Custody

Custody of children in a separation or divorce is one of the most contentious parts of family law. Each parent has to figure out how they can best deal with the needs of their children. Also, there are certain laws that govern how these things can be carried out. For example, certain laws prohibit one parent from taking a child out of the country without the other’s permission. You have to negotiate these kinds of terms at the time of custody hearings, however. That is why it is so important to have a good attorney who can make sure you are adequately represented. Moreover, you have to be sure that everything you do is ironclad. You don’t want to get into a situation in which you realise too late that your custody arrangement doesn’t actually work the way you thought it did.


Wills and Estates

When you die, your belongings as well as your responsibilities have to go somewhere. Your best bet is to put together a solid will that guides how you want your assets divvied up. A good lawyer can help you write a will. If you have a loved one who has passed on, especially one without a will, you might need a lawyer’s help to argue for custody of certain items or assets. Whatever the case may be, a good lawyer can help solve your problems.


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