Evaluate your options before securing a bond in Brazoria

Regardless of whether you got busted after having two drinks or picked up with a couple of kilos, your main focus is to get out of incarceration as quickly as possible. In most instances, getting out of on bail helps get back to work which your case still spends in court. Given that other jobs might lay you off after an arrest, you will still be able to get access to other form of employment. Getting the right defense attorney can make a huge difference between a conviction and acquittal.

securing a bond

Once you are out on bail, it’s recommended to keep a low profile and be around a supportive environment but away from negative behavior patterns.Having constant check-ins with the courts and your bail bondsman can help you avoid unwanted pitfalls. That said, bail helps you get a second chance to redeem yourself. The first time you appeared before the judge, you were probably hangover and sleepy. Chances are that were scared, angry and trying to hide it all. Brazoria Bail bonds will help you flip the script and show up lucid, sober and clean.

What you do while on bail will feature at the court proceedings by either your prosecutor during trial or your defense attorney. Falling bait to other arrest or failing to honor the terms set out in the bail agreement will have a negative impact in court. Enrolling for a rehabilitation program indicates that you are in agreement to the terms set out. You need to stick to these few tips if you want to stay free before your court date.


You shouldn’t be a stranger

If there is one thing that worries bail bondsman is a client that vanishes once making bail. Bail bondsmen are often busy and wouldn’t want to waste most of their time chasing after clients. If on the suspicion that you are a flight risk then a bandsman can choose to pull your bond and have you picked up. Constant check-ins via phone or in person lets them know that you are around and in compliance. If you have a court date then you must show up. This is the only way to ensure you remain free as your case awaits hearing and trial.

No contact means just that

If an arrest was issued for staling, domestic violence, assault or battery, there is a high chance that the court imposed a no contact rule. This is just a condition for your bail and should be adhered forthwith. When under a restraining order certain rules can be considered as grounds to revoke your bail; Texting or emailing the alleged victim, contacting them via social media platforms and showing up at their house or workplace. In cases where you have been barred from using alcohol, you may be banned from being in establishments that sell alcohol. You might also be banned from driving or using certain kinds of machinery. If you fail to honor any of the terms set you will find yourself getting re-arrested, and you might not be lucky to get bail.

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