Finding the Right Solicitor for a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action cases are some of the most high-profile lawsuits in the world. They often involve many plaintiffs who are taking a stand against a large corporation, business or financial institution. These cases are costly and the payouts are usually pretty hefty. Therefore, having the right team of lawyers is extremely important in any class action lawsuit because the entity you are facing off with in court is sure to have some of the best lawyers on their side. In order to compete with these high-profile teams of lawyers, it is important to find an experienced, successful and resourceful team of your own. Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that:


Proven Success

Having success in class action cases is very difficult. These cases often take a lot of time to play out and there are many obstacles that must be overcome. Not every law firm will even attempt class action cases because they are so draining and often end in defeat. Successful firms, such as Maurice Blackburn in Perth, are the ones you should be targeting for your case. You can find out which law firms are successful and which ones are not by simply doing an Internet search on them or visiting their website. Look for multiple class action wins, not just one or two, and make sure that the law firm has handled the type of case you will be presenting.


Wealth of Resources

Obviously, the more experience a law firm has, the better—but you should also make sure that they are not involved in too many class actions, as you want them to be able to devote a significant amount of time to your case. Often, large law firms can get bogged down by the number of cases they are handling. This sometimes results in mismanaged cases or a lack of resources being devoted to a particular case. And speaking of resources, you want to make sure that the team you are considering hiring has enough money, people and time to adequately devote to your case. If they are unable or unwilling to commit the needed amount of resources to your case, it’s best to look elsewhere.


An Important Battle

Class action lawsuits are some of the most time-consuming and resource-draining cases out there. Their importance, though, cannot be understated. Just because a company is large and has a lot of money does not mean that they are impervious to negligence and wrongdoing. Individuals who have been wronged by a business, corporation or financial institution can come together and fight thanks to class action lawsuits and the dedicated lawyers who defend these individuals.


Having the right team of lawyers on your side will increase your chances of success in these cases. Do a fair bit of research before choosing whom to represent your class action lawsuit, as it will give you and the other plaintiffs the best shot at winning.

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