Health Problem as a Result of your Old Employer? Seek Compensation

You might be in a position where 20 years after you quit working for a certain company, you’re suddenly starting to feel negative physical and often mental effects. Given the amount of time it’s been since you worked in what you might have once thought of as a dangerous work environment, you conclude that the adverse effects to your health you’re currently experiencing could not possibly be a result of a work environment you used to earn you’re living from.

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What is true is that now, companies are under more and more pressure to provide work environments that are thoroughly examined by an external organisation to make sure they provide no health risks to the company’s employees. One factor that has resulted in this evolved way of evaluating a workplace is that employers are increasingly aware of the health risks that can be posed to employees. After all, employers don’t want to be facing reputable lawyers in court, such as for mesothelioma claims by Maurice Blackburn, a highly reputable law firm.

A second reason, which is no doubt because organisations don’t want to compensate workers in the future for work related illnesses, is because it can eat into a company’s profits years down the line for workplace-borne illnesses that take years to take effect. Who knows when a company’s hard earned profits can be eaten into by staff chasing the compensation they deserve for having their quality of life diminished because of old mistakes when companies were too lazy to take the expensive precautions needed to ensure safety for its employees?

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This means that the good news for modern workers in dangerous environments is that they’re subject to much for vigorous training that add towards protecting their health years after working with the company.

The bad news is that those precautionary measures may not have been introduced during the time when you grafted to increase their profits. Does this mean you’re no longer entitles to compensation for an illness that started as a result of a dangerous job you carried out years ago? The answer, is no!


This is a type of cancer that affects the protective membrane that covers most of our organs. Just from this sentence alone, it’s easy to gain a clear picture of just how bad an illness this is. Have you been diagnosed 20 years after you left a dangerous workplace? Well, that doesn’t matter, because this form of cancer is widely believed to be cause by the inhalation or ingestion of asbestos, something rarely regarded when drafting safety producers in the not so distant past. Even when knowledge of the subject was more widely available, employers rarely took it seriously when thinking about the safety of their employees.

The reality is, this is just one, albeit very negative, example of some of the slow-to-come effects of working in dangerous workplaces without proper safety instruction. Because of this, if you’re affected by anything you feel may be a fault of your ex-employer, you should be seeking medical advice and subsequently whether you can make a claim on the basis that your illness could’ve been avoided. If you deserve compensation, choose a reputable company to make a mesothelioma claims by Maurice Blackburn, as an example of a leading firm.

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