Selecting bail bond companies

The need for a bail bond company service is mostly not anticipated but circumstances faced by our friends and relatives put us in a position to always seek for their assistance. If such mishaps occur, finding a bail bond company might be a tough affair. Houston alone has a lot of bail agents and companies which offer remarkable services. To ensure you settle on an experienced company offering the best bail bonds in Houston TX, it’s important to consider the following.

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Tips on selecting bail bond companies

Check for an operating license – An operating license will distinguish between experienced and unqualified professionals. Bail bonds are regulated by the state by the department of insurance.

Look out for an experienced company – You are able to distinguish an experienced company by checking out the number of years they have been in operation. Different cities have a variety of jails and it’s important to work with a company that is familiar with different jail processes


24 hour operation– You should prioritize companies that work for 24 hours. Many arrests occur especially during the night and you wouldn’t want to work with a company that isn’t reliable enough.

Ask about the bond procedure – You need to be aware of the bond procedure before it turns out to be an emergency situation. The court will in most cases set the bail but the bond company will be there to negotiate on the cost which is 10 percent of the total cost.

Check with the BBB or state officials–If there is any complaints from the state official then the department of insurance and the better bureau business will oversee bail bond process in your state.

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What happens after an arrest?

Although there might be varied laws guarding the defendant after an arrest, the same procedures may be used to release the suspect from jail.

The arrest booking procedure – Once the suspect has been arrested he/she is taken to a holding cell where he/she is booked and transferred to a jail. The booking process might take a while with most jails taking between one to twelve hours. The defendant will receive medical examination during the booking procedure and frisked for any weapons or drugs. The figure prints are then scanned and photograph taken then the details is ran through a national wide database to determine whether there are any warrants of arrests issued against the suspect.

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Post arrest bail hearing arraignment–Once the booking process is complete, the bail hearing and arraignment is scheduled. Different states have definite laws regarding limits for post arrest arraiingment.In most instances, the bail hearing and arraignment happens at the first hearing following thearrest. It’s at this hearing where the judge will read the charges, assess whether the defendant is eligible for bail or not. It’s also at the initial post hearing where the defendant or attorney is not able to argue the case. What is being discussed at this point is the defendants bail price and flight risk.

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