What You Can Expect During Mediation

When communication breaks down between a couple that is divorcing, some issues may need to be settled in the Cardiff County Courts. However, before a court date is set, the couple may be advised to seek out the help of a mediator to try to resolve their disputes. A mediator can help shorten the time it takes to resolve issues in the way that is fair to both parties.

Expect During Mediation

What Happens in Mediation?

As of 2011, couples are required to see a mediator before they go to court to settle divorce disputes. In order to get a good idea of the issues, a mediator, who is recommended by a lawyer or hired by one of the parties, will hold an assessment meeting with each partner. In that meeting, they will listen to each party tell their side of the dispute and then determine if the case is suitable for mediation.

If it is determined mediation can help the couple to resolve their issues, then the couple will meet together with the mediator. While the mediator may start the meeting off by bringing up an issue or asking a question, they are mostly there to listen and let each side have their say without interruption. The purposes of mediation are to:

determined mediation

  • Get each partner to listen to the other’s side of an issue.
  • Get each side to understand the other’s needs and concerns.
  • Get both sides to come to an agreement.

A mediator can help you keep the divorce out of the Cardiff Civil and Family Justice Centre courts by sharing their ideas and help the couple come up with resolutions to their issues, but there are certain things they cannot do:

  • The mediator cannot give legal advice.
  • The mediator cannot take sides in a dispute.
  • The mediator cannot tell you what to do.

Expect During Mediation

What Issues Can Be Mediated?

There are many issues specialist divorce mediation based in Cardiff can help a couple resolve. These issues include:

  • Child support payments
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Splitting of assets

Child support payments

In short, mediation can be used to help resolve any disputes during a separation, divorce, or the dissolution of a civil union. Mediation sessions provide safe places for a couple to get together and listen to each other’s side and then come to an agreement. The mediator may make recommendations when necessary, but for the most part, it is about each side hearing each other out and coming up with beneficial resolutions on their own.

When is Mediation Unsuitable?

There are some instances in which a mediator may consider your case to be unsuitable for mediation. This may be the case if one of the parties is in danger or has been a victim of domestic violence or if the children have been abused. If one of the parties cannot be found or if they are bankrupt, then these issues cannot be resolved through mediation. However, mediation can be a useful tool if both parties are willing to participant to resolve their disputes.

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